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Our Graphite- Gel Memory foam offers 7X better cooling then that of our competitors.



Zone1 with Cool Flow™ offers a firm therapeutic support, while Zone 2 with Graphite-Gel infused memory foam offers a medium-soft support .


Copper Topper

Our Copper Mattress Topper offers a new unique level of cooling with the added health benefits of the copper infusion.


The World's First Active Cooling Pillow

No more trying to find the cold side of the pillow.

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60 Night Trial

Each one of our memory foam mattress toppers comes with a 60 Night Trial so you can sleep easy at night.

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Free Shipping

Free shipping is included with every order. Returns are free, too. 

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The Ayer Advantage

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Better Cooling
The cell structure of the copper in our memory foam, allows heat to be transfered away from the body through convection.

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Faster Recovery
Copper doesn’t only help with cooling but also can improve blood circulation, help with pain relief and help you recover faster.

Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly
Each one of our memory foam mattress toppers are made with CertiPUR-US grade memory Foam.

Copper mattress topper

Health Benefits

Copper is a amazing material that  can improve blood circulation, help with pain relief and help you recover faster. Copper is essential to your body to form collagen, which can help in the healing process for bones and connective tissue.

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At last, I am getting a good nights sleep! No more tossing and turning. Love, love this topper!


I have been very impressed with Ayer Comfort mattress pad! It is Allowing me to feel more energized and better prepared for my hectic work week.


After sleeping on a quality fiber bed topper for years, I didn't think it could get any better. This beats anything in my wildest dreams. 


60 Day Hassle Free Returns

 All of our products come with a 3 Year Limited Warranty and 60 Day Hassle Free  Returns. So you can sleep easy at night.

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