5 Ways to Get a Better Nights Sleep

Having a proper night’s sleep is so important, it leads to better health and a productive day but Sleep doesn’t always come easy. Some of us can fall asleep as soon as they hit the pillow or can get to rest with little effort. For most of us it isn’t that easy and we have to try a little harder in order to get that proper night’s rest that we need. Here are 5 tips that can lead to a better night’s sleep.


Turn off the Lights


Artificial light can fool our circadian rhythms into thinking the sun is still out, so sleeping in a well lite room might not be the best idea. Being in a room that has too much artificial light like a bright night light will disrupt melatonin production in our brains making it harder for you to be able to get to sleep.


Turn off your Devices


Similar to our last point, but before going to bed make sure you shut down all your devices like phone, computer and TV and give your body a little extra time away from these devices before you go to bed. The light from a LED or incandescent bulb is bad for you when trying to get to sleep because it tricks your circadian rhythms but the blue light from your phone and computer is worse. It not only surprises the melatonin production but keeps our mind active. This leads to feeling more awake for longer and not allowing your body to produce the melatonin needed for a better night’s sleep.




Sleeping at the right temperature makes for a more comfortable night sleep. If you are too hot or too cold this will lead to uncomfortable sleeping conditions. Our bodies don’t like being too warm in fact our bodies try to cool themselves a couple of degrees while sleeping. Our bodies won’t be able to do that if you bed or room is too hot. So, make sure you turn on the ac, open a window or have a bed that can help with cooling.




It is always best to sleep in a quit area, but for some this might not always be the case. You might have a partner that snores or neighbors with a barking dog. Any loud noise can be disruptive and prevent sleep, if you can’t block the sounds out then try using soothing sounds. Slow, soft and repetitive sounds create a comforting noise that helps block out the intrusive noise that might be going on.


Proper Bedding,


The Quality of your bed can have a major impact on how you sleep, make sure that you bed is the proper size, comfortable supportive and provides cooling. If you bed doesn’t do all of this then it is time to invest in a new bed or upgrade your bed with a mattress topper.

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