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Does sleeping in a certain direction help you sleep?

sleeping direction

I was searching on the web one day and came across Indian Vastu Shastra and Chinese Fend Shui and it got me thinking. Is it really possible that your sleeping direction can relate to having a good night’s sleep and why is this the case?  I never really though on the subject nor do I even have a compass so I have no idea what direction I am even sleeping in.


So, what is the best direction to sleep


“East is the best direction. North-east is okay. West is alright. South, if you must. North, no. This is true as long as you are in the northern hemisphere – sleeping with your head towards any side except north is okay. In the southern hemisphere, don’t put your head to the south.”


So, the worst sleeping direction is North but why is this. Our sleep positions play an important role in deciding the energy waves that are coming towards us. These energy waves are dictated by the position of the hemispheres north to south. according to the Chinese Feng Shui system, the direction of your bed and location of your bedroom is very important to get a good night’s sleep and free flow of positive energy. These beliefs are more in the spiritual sense and how our bodies interact with the world around us.


Sleeping Facing North (Northern Hemisphere)


cooling pillow 

Sleeping with head towards the North throws out of balance with the earth’s magnetic field. The magnetic field which lies from the north to south direction are very strong. The energy levels of a person go from north to south and are also strong so this is increases chances of the developing difficulties in sleeping or even nightmares. This position can also cause blood pressure problems, sleeplessness and increase of cholesterol because of the magnetic field that is within humans and the world. These are just beliefs but is there any actual science behind some of these statements.


Sleeping Facing North East (Northern Hemisphere)


This position is known to give a person nightmare make you feel on edge and generally brings out strong negative emotions. It is advised not to sleep in this direction.


Sleep Facing South (Northern Hemisphere)


If you are in the southern hemisphere then I would read about sleeping in the northern hemisphere due to it being opposite for the southern hemisphere. This direction is ok, it isn’t as bad as facing to the north but doesn’t add any of the benefits of sleeping to the east. The magnetic fields are opposite pulling you in south to north direction while your body is facing north to south resulting in trouble sleeping due to opposite energy waves.  These opposite energy waves disturb the naturalflow of blood circulation and the digestive system in our body due to the poles repelling each other.



Sleep Facing West (Northern Hemisphere)


This position is ok but is known to bring about contentment which brings laziness and low motivation, if you are looking to start off the day right or looking for more motivation to get some work done then I would turn your head around and face the East. But if you already starting the day off right and have advanced in your career then this position is fine. If you are stressed out or suffering from anxiety then West is actually the best direction for you because it slows life down and brings contentment.



Sleep Facing East (Northern Hemisphere) BEST DIRECTION


the best direction to sleep is facing your head towards the east. This increases concentration and memory.  Also, it attracts positivity and keeps you healthy. You will have a sound sleep in this direction as it is believed this direction is equipped with the force of action and has positive waves. This positive wave will make you waking up every morning feeling refreshed and brings out in feelings of ambition and growth.

 Some scientific studies have proved that individuals sleeping in an East-West position have shorter REM sleep cycles and eye movements as compared to those who sleep in North-South direction. REM is the phase when we dream. Shorter the REM more sound is the sleep.


Sleep Facing South East (Northern Hemisphere)


Do you have trouble communicating? Then try facing you head in a south eastern direction as this position promotes good communication while giving your creative side a little enhancement. This position is perfect for individuals who live an active lifestyle.


Sleep Facing South West (Northern Hemisphere) 


By Sleeping with your head in a southwestern position it allows your body to be calm and at peace with itself. Allowing you to feel settled in your life from work to relationships.





The direction in which you place your bed within your bedroom may impact on how well you sleep at night. But howimportant is this free flow of positive energy why it is so critical to getting good sleep my just be a part of the Chinese Feng Shui System but there has been recent research that is throwing some light on the subject. Magnetic Fields can in fact have an effect on humans and it is known to affect other mammals as well. But there is no conclusion that the earth magnetic field is strong enough to play a part. It is always worth a try if you can’t fall asleep



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  • I sleep facing South West (Head in North east) direction, don’t get peaceful sleep at all. What could be the reason?

  • Hi Dear,

    If I am taking that Colored Feng Shui hexagram, me being Kua 3 the best wealth direction for me to face are north, east, south east and south.
    If I am sitting south east facing north east is this bad? I thought I should sit in my wealth direction South East…But i hing facing is more important is it?
    My bed head is in south east too the door to come in the bedroom is north. I should be or too..
    But my bedroom is in general on the south side of the house and the ligin room on hte North west part.
    But I precise that i am living in the hemisphere South New Zealand… Should this be opposite maybe? Or should I go with the compass?
    My main entry is in general at the west part of the house but the conservatory t self show the main entry nprth west facing south east.. it this right?
    if no how to activate this any way to make it good?
    My main interest is Wealth. Thanks

    Sylvie Eymin
  • I am sleeping for the past 27 yrs put my Head on Northern side.There is nothing happened in my Body or my Brain. These comments are Ethics and falls Believes.Any side of Head on Sleeping is good for Health.But sleeping is a Must ; That’s all.

  • Thank you for this interesting perspective. There is one other factor linked to quality sleep and mood disorders. The old saying “Did you wake up on the wrong side of he bed?” may have more to do with side sleepers. There are lymphatic ducts on the upper back (under the trapezius) and under the collarbone. The quality of lymph on the left side is more toxic (lymph diagrams reveal there is a complete separation of the sides of the upper body) “Side sleeping” on the left releases lymph residue and leads to inhaling some of these toxins and may well contribute to lung disease and even depression. Sleeping on the right side or on the back with chin up & head tilted right leads to a more positive attitude and better health. These are just tidbits to share. Learned them while in massage therapy school.


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