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20 Ways to cool your bedroom for a comfortable night’s sleep

It is the middle of summer and the heat is starting to get to you, depending on where you live the temperatures outside could get into the triple digits. When it is this hot outside, the temperature might not only make you uncomfortable but start to affect how well you are sleeping at night. The tossing and turning trying to get comfortable might seem like it will go on forever, but here are some tips to help you stay cool at night without the need to use AC.


  1. Cool off with a shower


Right before you go to bed try taking a nice cold shower to help lower your body temperature, not only will this get you to a more comfortable sleeping temperature it will also get rid of all the sweat that built up throughout the day. Allowing you to go to bed cool and clean.


  1. Put a towel to use


If you just dried off from that shower try putting the towel to some good use. Soak the towel in water and hang it in front of an open window or doorway.  The breeze will blow in and the damp towel will cool the air helping to bring down the temperature in the room. Make sure to wring the towel so it isn’t dripping wet before placing it above any furniture or electronics.

 cooling Pillow

  1. Invest in Bedding


Trying to fall asleep in a bed that is making you warmer isn’t going to help much especially in the summer. Try to invest in bedding that will promote a coolers night’s sleep like a Pillow, mattress or a mattress topper. Most polyurethane foams will actually heat up with body heat, so unless your pillow or mattress has some sort of cooling feature it will heat up your body as you sleep.


  1. What’s on the mattress counts too


If you already have a cooling pillow or mattress topper then having proper sheets that are made with lightweight cotton such as Egyptian will help with cooling too. Most sheets that are made of lightweight cotton, silk and polyester are breathable and allow ventilation to get that added airflow need to cool down your bed.


  1. Other ways to cool the sheets


Well if your sheets are not cooling your bed enough already try placing them in the freezer during the day and make your bed again right before you go to sleep. Hopefully the cooling effect will last long enough for you to be able to fall asleep before the heat starts to kick in.


  1. Hot Water Bottle


So, in winter the best way to warm a cold bed is to heat up a hot water bottle. But in summer you can do the exact opposite by filling it up with water and placing it in the freezer. Giving you bed an ice pack to sleep on.

 Stay hydrated

  1. Stay Hydrated


Being Hydrated is important especially when it is the summer time, dehydration can also affect how well you sleep at night.  With all the extra sweeting you are doing because your body is trying to cool off it is important to remember to drink water. Also drinking cold beverages will help cool your body down so there is a bonus benefit


  1. During the Day


Try to make your home cooler by closing all the blinds and make sure minimal amount of sunlight gets in this will help keeping your home cooler by not allowing the sun light to heat up the room as much. Once it is night time open up the windows and get some air in there to start circulating.


  1. Make a Swamp Cooler


Simply grab a bowl of ice and place it in front of a fan, As the fan blows it will push the colder air created by the ice around the room. Make sure that the bowl of ice is directly in front of the fan you can also hang a wet towel in front of the fan too just no over it because this will block the air that is coming out.


  1. Check your Ceiling Fan for Summer Setting


Did you know that a lot of ceiling fans come with two settings summer and winter? They are designed to help keep your home either warm or cool depending on the season. They do this by moving warm air either to the ceiling or to the floor if they are moving clockwise then they are moving warm air to the floor resulting in keeping your room warm. If they are moving counter clock wise they are pushing the warm air to the ceiling leaving the air below it cooler. So, make sure in the summer your ceiling fan is moving in a counter-clockwise direction.


  1. Try to go Solo or change your bed size


If you are sleeping in the same bed as your partner, then I would suggest either trying sleeping in separate rooms or getting a bigger bed. People give off body heat so if you are sleeping to close to someone then they are going to be a living furnace right in your bed.

 wet towel Egyptian method

  1. The Old Egyptian Method


The Egyptian method is simple wet a towel or a blanket, and use that to sleep with, I would recommend putting a dry towel underneath you so that the wet towel doesn’t ruin the mattress underneath.


  1. Get the hot Air Out


Once the sun sets and the outside temperature starts to lower, place a fan next to a window facing out. This will suck all the hot air that is in the room and push it outside leaving the cooler air on the inside. I would do this a couple of hours before you actually go to bed so when you do you can turn the fan and face it towards you while sleeping.


  1. Try some fan positioning


If you have an open window near your bed try placing the fan on the opposite side. By doing so you will be able to create a crosswind between the fan and the window.


  1. Turn it Off


If you are running any unnecessary electronics like a TV or Computer try turning them off. Computer Fans and other electronics will generate excess heat when they are trying to cool themselves off so by turning them off you will help eliminate any heat that builds up from the electronics.


  1. Stay Away from Cooking


This is not the time of year to be making soup or a casserole. An oven or a gas cooker will generate a lot of heat and it might take hours for your kitchen to be able to cool down after cooking. It’s that time of year for the Raw diet or limit the amount of food you actually cook in the oven. If you must cook try going outside and having a BBQ or cook something in a crock pot as they tend to cook slowly on a lower temperature then an oven would.


  1. Less is more


Try to wear less clothing when going to bed or none at all, Wear cotton t-shirt and a pair of shorts or underwear is all you need when it is the summer. Try to stay away from sweat pants or anything that doesn’t breathe as well, most work out clothing allows for added air ventilation so they are perfect for summer time PJ’s.

 ceiling fan

  1. Don’t forget all the fans


Exhaust Fans that you have over your oven and in the bathroom are used to draw out steam while you are cooking and taking a shower but the can also be used to draw out heat in the summer.


  1. Don’t forget to look up


Light Bulbs generate a lot of heat especially incandescent light bulbs, try to invest in energy efficient or LED Light bulbs they will not only save you money on your electricity bill but also cool down your house.


  1. Cool of those PJ’s


If you are getting ready for bed you can put your t shirt and other PJ’s into the freezer give them like a hour in there and they should be cool enough to help lower your body temperature at night.


That is 20 ways to cool down your bedroom so you are able to get a comfortable night’s sleep this summer without the need to use the AC which can run up the cost of your electricity bill rather quickly.


We would love to hear if you have any creative ways of keeping your bedroom and home cool during the summers months. Please share you tips and tricks by leaving a comment below.


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