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Active Cooling Pillow with Ventilation Molded Memory Foam

Ayer Comfort

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 Ayer Comfort Active Cooling Pillow -

Most Pillows aren't made to accommodate everything a pillow should which is cooling, comfort and support.

With Ayer Comfort Active cooling pillow, we created a new type of pillow which utilizes technologies to promote a cool and comfortable night’s sleep. The advanced gel blend is cold to the touch and dissipates heat across 100% of the surface area of the pillow. The pin core ventilation keeps air circulating to further prevent the buildup of heat and moisture. It is the perfect combination of comfort and coolness.


Active cooling Pillow

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How does it work?

There are three stages to our pillow that makes this pillow what is it:

Cooling– With our surface infusion we are able to apply a breathable layer of extremely cool gel concentrate directly onto the surface of the memory foam, creating a cooling area that dispenses heat across 100% of the surface.

Comfort- With CertiPUR-US grade memory foam and pin core ventilation keeps air circulating to further prevent the buildup of heat and moisture.

Support– Our molded memory foam construction more effectively conforms to the weight and pressure of your head offering a cradling effect that aligns with your body’s natural sleeping position.

Pillow Lifestyle

Who Needs an Ayer Comfort Pillow?

Well pretty much anyone who likes to sleep. the market currently doesn’t fully accommodate the cool part. With Gimmicks and manufacturing techniques that do nothing or very little to actually cool a pillow. We have found a solution that which actually works.

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Why is sleeping cool so important?

Traditional pillows don’t have proper cooling which isn’t great when your bodies temperature needs to lower before you are able to fall asleep. For a normal person sleep occurs when the core temperate is dropping, over a 24-hour period the hypothalamus regulates your body temperature between 96.8 and 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Basically, when the temperature goes up you get more energy when the temperature starts to go down you start to get sleepy. We created a pillow that will help you properly cool at night allowing your body to get to its desired sleeping temperature. Now that is something to jump for joy about.